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Services We Provide

1. Code Calculations 

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Nautilus Engineers provides design calculations in accordance with current local and international engineering codes and standards. The use of contemporary software ensures code compliance of all our designs. The following components are analysed for code conformance:

o Pressure Vessels (PD5500; ASME VIII Div 1 & Div 2; EN 13445 )
o Online Leak Sealing Clamps (ASME PCC-2; ASME VIII Div 1)
o Tanks (API 620; API 650; BS 2654; EN 14015)
o Piping Systems (ASME B31.1 – B31.8; API 1104; API 1107)
o Pipe Sleeves (ASME PCC-2)
o Boilers (ASME I; BS 1894; EN 12953)
o Heat Exchangers (PD5500, ASME VIII; EN 13445; Tema; API 661)
o Repairs, Alterations & Re-Rating (API 653; API 510)
o Fitness-for-Service (API 579)
o Steel Access Scaffolding (SANS 10085-1)

2. Solid/Surface Modelling

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Nautilus Engineers has a team of proficient draughtsmen who are capable of producing intricate 3-D models of engineering components and systems.

3. 3-D Plant Design

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State-of-the-art 3-D modelling software is used, accompanied by inspections and site visits to ensure efficient and effective plant design.

4. Finite Element Analysis

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Nautilus Engineers provides in-house as well as out-house FEA services for pressurized components.

5. Piping Stress Analysis

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Stress analyses are performed using Integraph CAESAR II pipe stress analysis software.

6. Engineering Draughting

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Nautilus Engineers provides a high standard of general arrangement drawings, manufacturing drawings and piping isometrics.

7. Specialist Consulting

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Engineering consulting, advice and solutions provided at a Professional Engineering level.

8. Design Verification

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Review of designs and approval by a Professional Engineer is provided.

9. Vessel Re-Certification

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Nautilus Engineers provides design and drawings for existing vessels and piping systems, ensuring compliance to current design codes.

10. Project & Construction Management

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Nautilus Engineers has the capability (together with our partners) of managing engineering projects and construction.

11. Procurement Services & Enquiry Specifications

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A vast knowledge of material procurement and availability is available to our clients